Summer 2023 Release

We are excited to announce the updates and enhancements included in the Summer 2023 release of the Beacon for Schools web application. This release focuses on improving the user experience and providing additional functionality to support educators and administrators. Let’s explore the key highlights of this release.

Student Problem Updates

  • Problems, metrics, and services can now be archived, offering increased organization and efficient management.
  • Each student problem now displays new metadata, enhancing visibility and understanding.
  • Charts are now integrated within each problem, providing users with quick and easy access to valuable data.

Custom Services

  • Users now have the capability to create custom services alongside the existing library of services.
  • These custom services are shared with other users within your school, fostering collaboration and empowering educators to tailor interventions to their specific needs.

Intervention Team Updates

  • The Intervention Team tab has undergone improvements and refinements, including the ability to view past team members.

Enhanced Progress Monitoring

  • We have introduced more flexibility to progress monitoring by incorporating options for time of day and data entry frequency.
  • Now, a single user can effortlessly track multiple metrics for the same problem, streamlining monitoring processes.

Security Updates

  • As always, we remain committed to ensuring the utmost security for our users. This release incorporates important security updates to safeguard your data and maintain a safe and reliable platform.

We are confident that these additions and optimizations will significantly enhance your experience with the Beacon for Schools web application. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to empowering educators and administrators with these new features.